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Last Exit

nominated best leisure and entertainment lighting

Inspired by the American food truck stops, Last Exit is the first of its kind in the region and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply, a snack on the way – 24/7. The destination is located by Jebel Ali / Sheikh Zayed Road with convenient accesses when driving towards Dubai from Abudhabi.

The brief was to provide general lighting that also looked festive and that suited the theme of the Food truck park. The lighting should not look too perfect but rather as if it was put together with haphazard materials lying around. Moreover the area had to look as a transient place with the feeling of being 'on the road'.

The general lighting of the project is provided by LED projector spots of varying beam angles (20, 30 and 60 degrees) mounted on huge H profiles between the food trucks. They are carefully planned throughout the pedestrian space and are added with the led light strings and ‘bike chain-bollards’

There are certain custom made lighting pieces made exclusively for Last Exit, with an aim of up-cycling products, such as the outdoor bollards with the bike chains around it, the lighting strings with energy saving LED bulbs and lamp shades made of old number plates.

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