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Masjid sheikh rashid bin mohammad bin rashid al maktoum (jama)

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This is one of the most prestigious mosques to be developed in the Emirate of Dubai. This mosque had to be one to amaze and stand tall in its architectural and intricate Islamic design elements. The mosque is named after sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed al Maktoum.

The lighting had to be supportive of the beautiful decorated surfaces of the inside and the bright white marble from India (same as Taj Mahal) of the façade. The position of the domes of the mosque follow the shape of flower petals. You can see that when you look up from the central point. XO Lights customized a chandelier that had to light up the domes and also give general light for the prayer area below. The chandelier has a diameter of 10 meter, and is surrounded by floating panels with intricate mashribia patterns that are back lit with LED. The chandelier has the shape of a flower and carries decorative gold-plated lanterns and powerful Led downlighters. Besides the chandelier XO Lights also supplied the facade and interior lighting of the mosque and Islamic school.

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