Featured: Trends from Light & Building

Light & Building Frankfurt

The famous Light and Building Fair took place from 13 till 18 March in Frankfurt, Germany and XO Lights team was there to bring back the latest trends and technology.
Besides looking for the latest developments it was also great to meet and catch up with our network of suppliers and lighting professionals from all over the world. We are fortunate to know many of them for more than 25 years! And we look forward to continue making inspiring projects together.


It was a great fair with lots of interesting and beautiful products, too much to show it all. But here are some of the highlights.

So what's new...Architectural lights

First of all the market has fully turned around to LED. New is the choice in 'whites'. From 1800 K to 5600K in the same range of lights. Furthermore we noticed that manyspotlights have a large palette of beam angles. From very wide -90 degrees-to very narrow -3 degrees. And linear LED spots, with mini LEDs paired in 2's, 4's or 8's give a nice alternative to the round LED or halogen spots.

The buzz-word at the fair was wireless lighting controls. The controls work intuitive and can be operated from I-pad or mobile phones with attractive interface designs. Because it is wireless it saves installation costs of special control wires.

On a general note we have the impression that the gap between general commodity lighting and specialized lighting products becomes wider each year.

So what's new...Decorative design lights

Thanks to the Frankfurt Light & Building Trend Forum we can give you a nice overview of trends in decorative lighting. Roughly there are 4 main styles to distinguish. 


1. The first style is very 'high tech'. it draws inspiration from 3D printing and repetitive patterns. It has clean, facetted lines and the pureness of the material is key.

2. The next style shows influences from the seventies with bold bright colours and cartoon like shapes. Simple forms are stacked together to create the lighting objects.

3. This style is mathematical and simple. Lighting objects are used to draw lines through a space. Its very elegant and light in structure.

4. The final style draws inspiration from nature. Both in form and the use of materials. Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Cork, and Fibers are used to make interesting light installations. The lights are grouped together, reflecting natural clusters of birds and plants.

Feeling inspired, or saw something you would like to know more about?

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