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XO Lights offers more than 15 years experience in the Middle East. The founders of XO Lights, Reinout Broekers and Ammar Hamwieh, have a global network in the lighting field. From suppliers and manufacturs to loyal recurring customers. 

Passion and preparation are the key factors to the growth of XO Lights. The goals and demands in the variety of projects are not only challenging but also rewarding when achieved.


People make a succesful organization. XO Lights has a team of motivated light professionals to offer a multitude of light related services to find the best result for your projects. Such as:

-lighting design

-light planning and calculation

-(alternative) product sourcing

-lighting specification assistance

-customizing light solutions

-value engineering

-light calculations and comparison studies

-LEED engineering for lighting

-home and building automation and programming

In client meetings the solution is presented and discussed, and a commercial proposal to supply the lights on site is provided. XO Lights also commits to assistance during the installation of the lights.


Feel free to contact us for your lighting requirements. We look forward to hear from you.

lighting design in process for Novikov Dubai

Retail Lighting

Healthcare Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Corporate Lighting

Hospitality Lighting

Residential Lighting

Lighting controls

F&B Lighting

Urban Lighting

The founders of XO Lights,

Reinout Broekers

and Ammar Hamwieh.

Download the COMPANY PROFILE  here to find out more about XO Lights >>

Leisure & Entertainment Lighting

Sustainable LEED Lighting

Facade & Landscape Lighting

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