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Lucky Voice Karaoke Bar

Nominated for

Lighting design

awards London

The lighting brief for Lucky Voice was to provide a quirky fun lighting scheme with multiple scene settings to accommodate the different activities throughout the evening such as happy hour, dining, shows and performances and special dynamic lighting effects.

The lighting palette consists of Neon Signage, LED strips, LED spots, and Moving Lights. Most of the architectural lighting is integrated into the interior finishing and needed a lot attention to detail. There is a lot of color changing, moving and dynamic lighting going on at Lucky Voice. XO Lights also programmed and supplied the controls for the lights.

“Lucky Voice brings a lyrical pun-laced and unique nightlife experience to the city”

“Lucky Voice Dubai fuses the quirkiness of Tokyo, London Soho cool and the glamour of Dubai”

Eye catcher is the Kinetic Fly Lighting Ceiling consisting of color changing pendant globes that can move up and down. Also the Neon signage and color changing grazing light over the walls can show different atmospheres from cozy to crazy during the evening. The Bar area and the Karaoke Pods have a lot of hidden LED lighting and backlit surfaces. 

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